Zukunftsmagazin – Magazine Future GG 11/12

The German Designer Club DDC presents the winners and their works in the category “Future” in this magazine. With refreshing ideas and courage to take on unusual topics the up-and-coming show they need not hide behind the pros. The jurors of the DDC competition Good Design honored and welcomed these entries.

This fourth documentation presents all winning entries in this double issue, which was put together, developed, designed, and produced by the students of the Wiesbaden RheinMain School of Design as part of their curriculum. The project teams developed different concepts for the presentation of the winning entries and presented these to the board members of the Germn Designer Club. Two teams won – as in the previous years – and started with the production.

The students were also supported by the special papers companies Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund and Fedrigoni who sponsored the paper, and the printing company Frotscher Druck Darmstadt helped by sponsoring the production.

This publication is available for sale at the German Designer Club DDC for EUR 15.00.
For further information please contact the DDC office in Frankfurt at office@ddc.de

covers of double issue magazine Future - Zukunft

covers of double issue magazine Future – Zukunft

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