Chongqing delegation visits wirDesign in October 2013

WIR-Design_Chinesen_ret_300dpi_Gestr_Papier_IC Chongqing delegation visits Frankfurt.
The city of Chongqing, with an expansion similar in size to Austria, has a population of almost 30 mio, making it one of the largest cities in the world. It is situated in the southern center of China on a peninsula of the Yangtzekiang River and ca. 2,400 km (ca. 1,500 miles) up river from Shanghai. The administrative part of the city expands 470 km (290 miles) from east to west and 450 (280 miles) from north to south. The lake formed by the Three-Gorges-Dam reaches all the way to Chongqing, so that even larger ships can now reach the city that is also called the “Mountain City” since the territory is quite mountainous.
In the 12th century B.C. Chongqing was the capital of the ancient land of Ba, regaining this status almost twothousand years later when it became the provisoinal capital of China during the Second World War.
It took until the 1970ies for farmers to get the permission to sell their produce on the free market again. The reforms of Deng Xiaoping led to Chongqing´s further development, giving it a leading role in the further development of the western region of China.
Chongqing has several universities, colleges, research institutions, and research libraries. Its inner city resembles Manhattan, with many towering skyscrapers, the tallest one being completed this year.

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