DDC designers in Hong Kong 1-3 December 2011

The members of the  German Designer Club (DDC) offers Asian companies
a broad range of services: branding, marketing, product design, communication design,
advertising, architecture, multimedia and exhibition design. We offer strategies, services
and design with the background of a rich and successful German design tradition.

The German Designer Club cultivates design excellence through training, exchange of
information and discourses among designers and the industries. We provide assistance
for individuals and corporations wanting to successfully sell their products in the
European markets.

HKTDC Inno Design Tech Expo 2011 / Booth-No. 3D-C09
1-3 December 2011 (Thursday-Saturday)

Openimg hours:
1-2 December 2011 / 9.30-19.00

3 December 2011 / 9.30-18.30

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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